Bill Smyth, CFA provides investment writing and financial translations (German into English). He is qualified both as a chartered financial analyst and chartered linguist and has more than 25 years’ experience of working in and with the finance industry in Germany, the UK and Switzerland.

Proven financial expertise, elegant writing, deep knowledge of German and an uncompromising commitment to clients are at the forefront of everything Bill does. Bill covers the full range of finance-related subject matter.

Are you looking for a better customer experience? Documents they will understand and enjoy reading rather than stumble over? Bill’s documents have that extra spark of originality that customers love. His services help you demonstrate how much you value your customers by sending written communications that hit home.

You need:

Clear, accurate and stylish writing that increases customer satisfaction
To avoid samey or sloppy output that turns customers off
Documents that demonstrate expertise
A spark of originality, not just regurgitating

Bill offers:

Deep and broad financial expertise
A track record of top quality translations and writtten output
A commitment to going the extra mile for customers
Built-in quality assurance procedures

Bill’s areas of expertise include:

Fixed income and equity research

Fund reporting and factsheets

Thought leadership

Real estate

Law and regulation



In-house projects